Crown Adventurer

Independent freelancers, gig workers, and mercenaries united under the Crown Guild system. They can take requests at any Guild Offices and help other people. Adventures are granted a special badge as identification which also states which Crown Leader they have been assiged.

Adventurers receive special benefits from the kingdom such as reduced-price public transportation, monthly free museum tickets, etc.

Crown Guild

A gig economy system put in place by the previous king, but revamped and overhauled by the current king.

Guild Offices, located throughout the kingdom, are public spaces where citizens can place requests and jobs that adveturers can take. Guild Offices also process official documents and applications and other clerical duties.

Crown Order

A group of the top ten Crown Adventurers appointed directly by the king and other adventurers, referred to individually as "Crown Leaders". They each control their own section of Crown Adventurers and provide guidance to their groups. They are also required to vote to approve or disapprove any law the king wants to pass.

While they are ranked, the number of their rank is purely for organizational purposes, as they all have equal responsibilities and voting power. The only exception to this rule is Crown Leader ranked "1", as their vote counts twice as tiebreaker in the event of a tie during a vote.


In this world, magic is the practical application and manisfestation of mana. To use mana, one must conduct magic.


The natural force that flows through Earthea and all of its inhabitants.

Kingdom of Manalís

A small but powerful peninsular country known for its abundance of mythrilte crystal deposits. It has a historical lineage of kings. Its capital city is called "Manalís Capital City."

The temperature is usually mild and warm.


Monsters are creatures born from mythrilite. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have a mythrilite crystal that serves as their core and life-force.


Sometimes referred to as "mana crystals", these are special precious stones used harness a limited amount mana and conduct magic. They can be found in large deposits throughout the world.

Instead of electricty, the world runs on magic through mythrilites. Lower grade crystals hold less mana but are also cheaper, and vice versa. Once all the mana is expended, the crystals become useless and are refered to as "burnt". Burnt mythrilite can be recycled, melted, and reused to make glass or other things.